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SR 811/Alt. A1A Bridge over Loxahatchee River Rehabilitation Project

Financial Number: 443867-2-52-01

Project Limits: Bridge #930339 along State Road 811/Alt. A1A over Loxahatchee River

Virtual Public Workshop: A Public Workshop is not required. Please see Public Information Flyer below.

Projected Letting: February 2022

Start Date: Summer 2022

Completion Date: Fall 2022

Estimated Construction Cost: $620,000

Existing Bridge:

  • The existing Alt. A1A bridge over the Loxahatchee River was constructed in 1975 and provides three lanes of traffic and a five-foot concrete sidewalk in each direction. The bridge also accommodates a navigable channel with a clear horizontal clearance of 47 feet and vertical clearance of approximately 26 feet over the Mean High Water elevation. Marine fenders on each side of the channel are provided to protect the bridge foundations from potential vessel impacts.

Scope of Work:

  • The Florida Department of Transportation is proposing the rehabilitation of the existing marine fenders which are showing age-related deterioration. The existing timber walers of the fenders will be replaced with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) walers which are much more resistant to this type of marine environment. The concrete piles supporting the timber walers will be repaired to address delamination and spalls in the concrete. At some locations, depending on the severity of the concrete deficiencies, the piles will be replaced in-kind.

Construction Impacts:

  • Work will take place during the day and be sequenced to reduce the effects of construction on the community.
  • The bridge will remain open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the duration of construction. However, intermittent outside lane closures may be required for the loading and unloading of construction materials during daytime off-peak hours.
  • Work will be performed from barges within the waterway.
  • The channel will remain open to marine traffic for the duration of construction.

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