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City Of Oakland Park Lakeside Sidewalks 439996-1-52-01

Financial Number: 439996-1-52-01

Project Length: 1.773 miles

Project Limits: Various locations including NW 24th Ave., NW 27th St., NW 28th St., NW 29th St., NW 22nd Ave., NW 20th Ave., NW 19th Ave., NW 18th Terr.

County: Broward

Projected Letting: March 30, 2022

Start Date: Summer 2022

Completion Date: Fall 2023

Estimated Construction Cost: $1.2 M

Scope of Work:

  • Pedestrian Improvements for Lakeside neighborhood that consists of 5' sidewalk at gap locations along the following streets: NW 24th Ave., NW 22nd Ave., NW 19th Ave., NW 18th Terr., NW 29th St., NW 28th St., NW 27th St. (west of 21st Ave.), NW 27th St. (east of 21st Ave.), and NW 20th Ave. from NW 27th St to Dead-end.

  • Miscellaneous Right of Way: harmonization within license agreement areas will be done on many parcels.

  • French Drain and inlets.

  • Crosswalk Pavement Markings.

  • Roadway width remains the same, sidewalk to be added within R/W.

  • Relocation of Power Poles.

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